We are all delighted with the 2013 LINES in the SAND festival: nature first. Artists wrought magic in the landscape, Weavers brought traditional crafts alive. Dancers and musicians charmed us. Minjerribah’s Aboriginal cultural riches were proudly on display. Children explored making art for themselves. People came together in delight. The sun shone.

We all created a feast of experiences, images and memories.

Comments people made to us this year include: “This year's LINES was a brilliant experience for me. Every day of the residency I felt like pinching myself to ensure it wasn't a dream”; "The making process with the gathered stones is very peaceful and relaxing"; "We worked on a little bit of the big whole and it’s going to get bigger & fill the whole place"; "Thank you so much for the opportunity for our son to make art with you"; “This is the first time in the many times we have been coming to the island that we have seen art being made on the board walk, it’s very interesting"; "It’s like following the path until you find the treasure bowl"; “LOVED Renata's projection (at Mooloomba Reserve) and Stradbroke Dreamtime performance as well as all the terrific artwork and creativity all around!
Cheers Paula Boo

None of this happened without the dedication and commitment of individuals and our many sponsors, volunteers and participants. In devising, organising, hosting and facilitating the many festival events, these wonderful people have given us all much joy.

However the numerous financial and administrative demands have become prohibitive for a small group of people to resource and manage. These demands include multiple grant applications, associated pre requisites and acquittals, budgets, book-keeping, risk management, evaluation, marketing, parks and event permits, insurances, work cover, contracts also volunteer, catering, accommodation and transits management.

Artist Paul Klee once said; ”Drawing is like taking a line for a walk.” It is time for LINES in the SAND to take a walk across the cultural landscape; to consider re-imaging itself as an organisation.

We remain a collective of creative people committed to the islands community and it’s ecology and to developing new and existing cultural forms in devolved and divergent ways. Rather than being a driver we aim to work as a vehicle enabling projects that include new and existing cultural forms; taking inspiration from our festival successes, it’s highlights, our partners and the artists.

LINES in the SAND arts festival has been a spectacularly popular and feel good annual event over the past three years. Environmental art installations, art and craft workshops, performances and talks attract visiting families as well as island locals and bring life and excitement into the townships during the economically slow but beautiful winter downturn.

LINES in the SAND 2013 arts festival was a joyous statement hailing the people and place and environment that have inspired us. We would like to acknowledge the individuals and organisations that have brought so many people together in celebration of the arts, culture and ecology of Minjerribah/ North Stradbroke Island. Our major sponsors were Jani Haenke Charitable Trust; Redland City Council; Queensland Theatre Company; Transit Systems; Discover Stradbroke; Fishes at the Point; The Islander Holiday Resort: Healthy Waterways. We are also grateful to the Headland Chalet, Gold Cats Flyer, Drift Gallery, Bob’s Shop, Shane Thompson Architects, The Most Amazing Shop, Gelati Bar  Anchorage Beachside Resort and Bendigo Bank, Dunwich State School and North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum.

Thank-you again for helping make LINES In the SAND 2013 the fantastic feel good festival it has turned out to be.

Film by Paul Bishop of Michael Bulloch's Finn in South Gorge.
Photographs by Charles Zuber and Josephine Ellis.

lines 2013

Thank-you artists Sharon Jewell, Michael Bulloch, Delevene Cockatoo-Collins, Paul Bishop, Greg Dunbar