Lines in the Sand 2012 festival was a successful, exhilarating event enjoyed by North Stradbroke Island locals and visitors. Grateful thanks go out to everyone who donated time, skills, kindness, drinking mugs, sofas, rugs, transport, cakes, signs, ideas, engagement and sponsorship. The practical efforts, thoughtful contributions and goodwill of many people have helped to enable and consolidate this annual community arts festival, now in its fourth year.

The 2012 festival contended with the wettest winter many could remember. But even as the heavens poured, we stayed snug and dry in the new Point Lookout Hall. Here, basket weavers wove magic, stories were told, children busied themselves in art workshops, and we enjoyed good food and company and hearty discussions. 

And when the sun shone, we emerged to discover the wonderful art works sited on beaches, headlands, pathways. 

Special thanks to our artists, whose commitment and creativity delighted us and made us think, reconsider, wonder and laugh. 

Louise Martin-Chew writes "The ephemeral beauty of sustainable art comes together for a few brief days on North Stradbroke Island in the..."


Photographs by Marty Smith and Josephine Ellis.

Lines in the sand Festival 2012