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What People Say about us:

“Art! Art! Art! I found art!” Island child, 2011 festival.


" Gorge Walk is a truly world class outdoor artist’ studio" visiting artist, 2011 festival.


"That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life!" Island resident, 2011 festival


“We loved walking with our children and spotting artwork along the Gorge Walk. Now they see art everywhere” visiting parent, 2011 festival.


“Delightful, inspired, a lovely surprise! Will show them to my grandkids at the weekend.


“Just beautiful


“More please.


 “The use of natural resources, inspiring


“Lovely way for kids to engage with the environment.


“All the pretty things in the trees. And all the squares and shapes and all the things that were art works.” Stella 3yrs


“My children have been inspired to make their own artwork with the things they find on the beach. Well done.


“The use of natural material, it was great to see the wonderful ‘craft’ that everyone created. I’ve really enjoyed the day.


“They enhanced the moment for me


“Good use of natural and scavenged material, did not disturb natural environs


“Something to look forward to next year


“I loved that they were made of natural materials and were biodegradable! Also that you had to hunt to find them a bit. Excellent idea – hope it can be expanded


“I think they brought focus to nature…I loved the ground display


“the epitome of beauty”


“the artwork reflected the Aboriginal components and island life of Stradbroke. We liked the shapes, colours and texture of the works”