Ocean Plastics Posters

There are loads of things we can all do to keep our waterways healthy. Waterways include lakes and wetlands, freshwater streams and rivers that travel out to the ocean, and our underground water reserves (aquifers). What do you want to tell the world about how waterways are being affected in your part of Australia? Draw a line in the sand, and put your message into a poster design. Load it up here by June 5, for World Environment Day 2012.

These posters present a social and environmental commentary about human pollution of non-biodegradable waste (especially plastic bags and balloon plastics) and the devastating effect they have on the local coastal ecosystems including precious wildlife such as Loggerhead and Green turtles.

Daniel Bunce

About me.. I enjoy working hard, I get excited about challenges and will always take them head on. I spend my spare time riding my mountain bike cross country and competing in marathons like the epic. I love multimedia video and photography. Why Photography.. Photography inspires me, I like the freedom to be creative and tell a story in my images. It is important to push myself beyond the limits of my equipment and use photography to develop my personal interests in being an artist. My Dream Job in this industry… Documentary photography, I would love to travel the world capturing the story of landscapes, scenery, nature, cultures and events. I dream of amazing destinations I could photograph.