connexion: echo | extend | embody

Glenda Hobdell (aka LaBudda) and Catherine Schoch 2015

connexion: echo | extend | embody is an immersive installation experience inviting interaction with the work and the space that reveals it. Elements of the work connect with and surround the audience to reveal aspects of the natural and elemental world of North Stradbroke Island. The installation draws on sound, light, moving image, shadow, human intervention and the drawn mark. A meditative video projection work draws the audience into the space, one that is layered with cast shadows from drawn surfaces to simulate and echo the natural environment.

A collaborative performance drawing, created for a live audience at the exhibition opening, extends the existing space and experiences of it. To facilitate viewing of the live performance work, a video documentation of the event remains to extend the installation and become an integral component of the ongoing installation.

CONNEXION: SPACE | PLACE | TIME @ South Gorge 2014

Glenda Hobdell and Catherine Schoch have an extensive history of collaboration. They were past joint recipients of an Arts Queensland Major Grant to develop and present new media artworks exploring connection to place and effects of technology over time. Pivotal to their work is the ability to connect their individual new media artistic praxis while retaining their own unique perspectives. Each of the artists is conducting individual visual art research through QUT with a focus on North Stradbroke Island.

Through collaborative exploration and documentation of place, links between Catherine’s focus on relationships between what is perceived and the actual visual experience, and Glenda’s investigation of binary oppositions and hybrid forms, will be articulated. Alternate views of the unique island
environment will form the basis of the body of work, furthered by investigation of their hybrid potential.

Addressing possibilities for combination of naturally occurring and digital constructs, connexion: space | place | time will explore blends of physical, virtual and temporal relationships located in the Stradbroke Island environment. Generated artworks will make connections visible between natural processes, the interconnectedness of nature and the visual preservation of original landscapes and systems. Projections and soundscapes in various Point Lookout locations will invite audience participation through embodied experience.