MUSICIAN & VISUAL ARTIST Colin Offord is a singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, inventor of original instruments, designer of musical theatre pieces and visual artist. Of Anglo-Celtic heritage, his extensive travels and many collaborations have led him to a synthesis of the artistic and philosophical influences of western avant-garde and folk music, experimental Jazz, East Asian, Aboriginal Australian and Pacific island art forms. transience immersive performance events.

Transience is an ongoing series of site specific, immersive performance events that transform static architectural and natural settings into transient worlds of moving image and sound. The structure of each performance is unique to its place and time. Offord and Yeh re-edit, re-structure their extensive repertoire of music and video works to suit the scale, aesthetics and ambience of the chosen environment. The basic elements remain the same yet performance is a new work shaped by its time and place. Where possible new video works will be filmed specific to the location.

Yeh Yilan’s video works are mesmeric and enigmatic. What at first appear to be special effects gradually reveal themselves to be subtly modified reflections, shadows and collages of the beauty of the everyday world. The performers are immersed in these images projected directly across the environment.