Ngudooroo (Lamb) Island

Mudlines made its first expedition off Canaipa Island to neighbouring Ngudooroo, on Monday April 24. Many thanks to Anne Chamberlain for hosting this visit. We felt so very welcome. Ngudooroo is much smaller than Canaipa, around 2km from the arrival jetty to the north end. At this end of the island, the island drops to the rocky shore by steep paths and Concave ochre cliffs.  Arriving just after high tide, we saw the rush of water peel away from a mangrove lined peninsula by which it was possible to walk out to sea, toward Minjerriba, always within sight of these island. We were many today: Anne Chamberlain, Tricia Dobson, Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, Pat Zuber, Sharon Jewell, Julie Menzies, Sue Poggioli, Sue Christie, Jo Kaspari, Jennifer Stuerzl, Jenny Sanzaro.