Rocky Point, April 20, 2017

With a strong South Easterly stirring up the island elsewhere, we nestled in at Rocky Point cove, where the western facing aspect gave us relative calm. It was here, almost one year ago, that we came across the beautiful clay that thickened below a surface of grey-brown mud and sand. Close to the oxide and ochre banks, this white body appeared in small mounds, erupting forth in porcelain white. Parting the grey skin and reaching down we revealed the soft, firm, pliable matter of the earth's body, not only white, but pink and yellow, black and red. So we borrowed this wonderful substance for the morning, digging eagerly into the rocky low tide squelch. 

Today's Mudlines was Tricia Dobson, Virginia Jones, Julie Menzies, Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, Jo Dickson, and Sharon Jewell. It is now almost one year since our first Mudlines. What a year of discovery it has been. The island expands each time we enter a conversation with it.