South Eastern Littoral, May 19, 2016

Our first Mudlines exploration was on May 19, 2016. This mangrove rimmed tidal zone stretches out from the south eastern end of Canaipa, and, if you cast your gaze through the tangle of mangrove branches, stepping lightly to avoid the air roots, you can see Minjerriba's south end not far away. The large expanse is covered in a tidal grass of dry appearance. Closer to the shore, you can see the dried, calcified carapaces of little crabs, clinging to the fine tips of grass blades. Toward the land side, a pinkish glow mists around the yellow-green grass, and this turns out to be an abundant small leaf succulent of the littoral. Washed up and broken on the inside of the mangrove line, an old wooden boat was decomposing, and in another location, south of this, a car was doing the same thing, though with less ease, and inspiring less sympathy. Between them however, they expressed the essential between-ness of the littoral. Encrusted bottles and tarnished cans, also, were living their own lives of change in the salty environment, and as we shifted things about into patterns and lines, the idea of the anthropocene was everywhere in evidence.