September 2017 residency

Canaipa Mudlines September Residency gave participating artists the opportunity to work for an extended period within the forest of the Turtle Swam Wetlands on Canaipa Island. The six days on the island meant that artists unfamiliar with the place were able to spend time connecting and developing a feeling for the place before initiating the work. It was an enriching and rewarding week of making, conversing, sharing and appreciating, that left behind a brilliant trail of works from the eleven artists, documented here. Apart from the long, timeless days in the forest, working on site, highlights of the week included the artists' dinner and talks on the Wednesday night, and the end of residency party on Saturday. Also memorable was the weaving circle on Thursday at the residency house, and the Sunday open day in the forest. Such beautiful conversations, and openings forged, between people, and between people and the forest through art. 

artists involved:

Tricia Dobson. Leah King-Smith; Duncan King-Smith; Virginia Jones; Mark Weiss; Julie Menzies; Kane Oakenfull; Christina Bakker; Jennifer Stuerzl; Kaia King-Smith;  Sharon Jewell; Carol Schwarzman. 

Many thanks to Lines int he Sand for providing the residency house and transport assistance.


the images here are given in order of the trail through the forest, seen in the map above.