Sharon Jewell completed her undergraduate in Visual Art at Queensland College of Art, in 1987. Since then she has gone on to complete a Masters and PhD at QUT. Her research has centred on the generative poetics of creative practice, and notions of care as potentially central to a material practice. Sharon has exhibited her work since 1988. Highlights of her art working life have included Australia Council overseas studio residencies in 1994, in Northern Italy, and 2011,  in Helsinki, Finland. Sharon’s involvement with art and the environment began in 1999 when she participated in an Art and Nature Symposium, in South Korea and in 2000, in Yokohama, Japan. Sharon resides on Russell Island in Southern Moreton Bay. She has been a regular artist in residence at Lines in the Sand Arts Festival.


Point Lookout Hall. The poetry booth was out the front of the hall, between the sausages and the Reef Check tents, a perfect intersection of the gustatory and the ecological. That is perhaps the perfect place for poetry. And it seems people want to write it. All that was needed was an invitation. Children and adults, young and old, you wanted to express something about the world and about the Protean tool of words. Thanks to all who contributed.